I made it to Ouagadougu, and everything is going great! I'm too mentally exhausted to write a real post, but I just wanted to get this word out, and let you all know my phone number.


I'm here, it's hot, and I'm physically tired and metnally exhausted. But things are going great! I'm not going to write a real post now, but I wanted to get the word out that I arrived, and all is well. I'm not sure when this post will get published, because my data connection is unreliable and very slow.

I will make one observation, though: I'm very happy to be here. The best surprise has been how wonderful my fellow volunteers are. Intelligent, thoughtful, and the most helpful and welcoming group of people I've ever been a part of. This is a special place, and I'm proud and honored to be here. I consider myself to be lucky.

That's all for now!